Our safari trucks are specially built to maximize the viewing experience, and it may be difficult for some people to get in and out of them. They are open-air vehicles and the seats are high off the ground, with steps to help people climb into them. Guests get on and off the trucks 2-3 times to explore the grounds and taste our Rums. There is some walking involved. As a precaution, if any guest has physical or mental impairments that could impair their ability to participate in the tour, it is highly recommended that they are accompanied by someone able to provide them with substantial assistance. 


We highly recommend brining a designated driver, calling an Taxi, or booking a shuttle service.

What should I wear?

This is a Safari! We feed animals, as well as walk on lawns and loose gravel. Dress comfortably but keep safety in mind. Ladies, leave your heels at home.


Once you enter Kilohana plantation, continue past the plantation house. The safaris is located next to the Kauai Plantation Railway. A member of our team will be there to greet you for your adventure.

What if our group is late?

Trucks will leave at their scheduled tour time. Guests who arrive late for their tour will  not receive the full tour as advertised, and will not receive a refund. We HIGHLY recommend arriving AT LEAST 30 MINUTES prior to the tour start time. 

Are kids allowed?

Because of the nature of the tour, children must be 44" tall to enjoy the Kauai Safari. We cannot make any exceptions to this policy.

What animals will I see on the tour?

No two Safari tours are exactly the same, but you are likely to see cows, goats, and a pigs! Kauai Safaris is home to many more animals but they are not on our tours.

Please fill out the help form in the bottom right corner! Please be patient in allowing us to get back to you as we are currently swamped with calls from animals looking to move to Kauai!

Still have questions?