3 Reasons to Take the Off-Beaten Paths of Kauai

Indulge in the culture 

Experience the rich cultural aspects of Kauai. In stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Honolulu city life, Kauai offers a diversified and distinct taste of native flora, animals, and geological sites that are no longer of existence on neighboring islands. See how Hawaiian culture was morphed and further diversified by the introduction of the Sugar industry, Pineapple industry, and current business efforts today; ranging from sustainable agriculture to ecotourism.

 Immerse yourself in the history of Kauai

Experience a glimpse into the past by taking a tour of our low-lying Hawaiian forest. From the violent volcanic eruptions that birthed the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain, comes fourth an area of untouched beauty shrouded in mystery and folklore. From it's first Hawaiian settlers, to the various trades and industries that put it on the map, Kauai's history involves many cultures who's reaches stretched far across the globe and all condensed onto one island. See how Kauai's story shaped the island that we love and enjoy today.

Be one with nature

Hear the songs of native birds, take in the fragrant smells of Hawaiian flora, and experience the special Mana that makes this island in the middle of the Pacific so unique. Tiny ferns, towering trees, delicate flowers, and active herds of livestock are just a taste of what is to be offered by Kauai Safaris. Reconnect with a lifestyle that is inaccessible to most, today. All with a drink in your hand and Aloha in the air.

Monika Clinger